Steve Slate

is an ex-athlete, former 18-year veteran public school teacher & coach.  His passion is for capturing people and creating images that make the subjects look larger than life. His studio has been in business since 2001 and is located right outside of San Antonio, TX.  He also travels for commercial assignments all over the US.


As I have studied the creative process, I realize how complex the photographic procedure really is.  Channeling the technical, creative, and relational aspects of photography takes skills that few have mastered.  In my pursuit of mastering this craft, I truly enjoy the creative process; fashioning an idea with a personality sparks my imagination.  Then, with a little problem solving, organization, and planning, that idea becomes a reality.  Seeing the final image come to life always gives me satisfaction that's hard to match.  I wouldn't call myself just a photographer, rather I like to call myself an Image Maker.

Be confident choosing us

My passion for photography is one that has motivated me to continually pursue photographic education.  I am a PPA member and a certified professional photographer (CPP).  This certification is an in depth procedure that requires you to know the photographic process inside out.  In addition to this certification, I taught commercial photography in the public education system, which required another certification through the Texas Education Agency.  It takes time and experience to become certified, so you can have confidence in us, that we understand what it takes and will do whatever is necessary to capture you at your best.

For the High School Senior

To be really honest, God has given me a heart for teenagers.  I was a high school teacher for 18 years.  I loved being able to teach, listen to, and make a difference in the life of young adults.  The teenage years are a special time in life.  It's one of possibilities, big decisions, and opportunities that will impact them for the rest of their lives.  Their innocence, spontaneity, ambition, and sincerity, draw me in and transport me back to a time when life was simple and less complicated.  High School seniors have a life-force that is contagious.  They are fun, creative, and bold, and photographing them is like a mini-vacation or being at a sporting event; it makes me feel alive. 

Our Guarantee

To the parent - we will treat your son/daughter like our own.  We will do our best to capture their true inner beauty and personality for you to showcase in your home for years to come.  To the senior - we will make you laugh, think deeply, and exercise your creativity; showcasing your personality in tangible form.  Your portraits will represent you at your best, doing what you do.  The final product and the experience will be one that you will be proud of and want to share with others.