The Future of Acting - Mr. Nathan - San Antonio High School Senior Photographer

We had the fortune of capturing Nathan, a senior at Steele HS the other day.  We photographed his sister a few years back, so now it was lil' bro's turn.  Nathan is a witty, reserved, and discerning young man.  He wants to study theater next Fall at TLU.  When he's done with his formal eduation, he plans on becoming an actor.  Either in theater or film, his plan is to stay local, then move on if it's in his stars.  Nathan brought his dog, Gwen.  She was one of the best behaved dogs we've had out to the studio.  Even though she seemed out of breath having to walk with Nathan for a couple of images, she was a trooper.  The highlight of the session was getting a glimpse into Nathan's favorite game, Dungeons and Dragons.  I didn't know it was that complex.  We staged a portrait of him playing "himselves".  Kinda turned out pretty cool.  Anyway, Nathan is one that I won't have any reservations when it comes to being a responsible citizen, his maturity stands out even if some say he can be a little nerdy (those are his words, not mine).  Nathan, may your dreams become real as you entertain, as well as impact the world with your talents.  Here's a short video from his session.

CapturedKeepsakes High School Senior Portraits San Antonio NathanE web1.jpg

The Uber Talented Mr. Jacob - San Antonio High School Senior Photographer

We got a call from Jacob's mom a while back to do his senior portraits.  The day finally came, and Jacob showed up dressed to impress.  Jacob will be graduating this Spring from First Baptist Academy.  There, he is a captain on the soccer team, and an outstanding student.  He loves to draw and play bass guitar as well.  His future will encompass Texas A&M Corpus Christi, where he will be majoring in either psychology or marine biology.  Just think, he might be the first to counsel Killer Whales on their gang-like behavior (hehehe).  Jacob wants to travel the world and have a family.  I know this because he comes from a wonderful military  family, where I know he is loved dearly.  Jacob likes Canadian humor, he told me he liked the movie Strange Brew.  I'm sure Dana Harvey, Mike Myers, and many other Canadian actors would appreciate chatting with him.  I think the highlight of the session for him was driving around in the golf cart, teasing his mom with his erratic driving skills.  I know Jacob's future is will find success, he's got two forever, supporters motivating him from home (mom and dad), and being a military kid, he has the ability to adapt in short notice.  Jacob, your images turned out way cool, and we got the two images your mom wanted.  "Put on some shades my friend, 'cuz your future is bright." Here's a link to see more of his images in a short video.

 Jacob the artist...

Jacob the artist...

The Captivating Miss Claire - San Antonio High School Senior Photographer

Miss Claire is the third of family of gorgeous girls we've had the privilege of capturing over the past few years.  Andrea (mom) couldn't be prouder of her clan, and I'm sure dad has a shot gun somewhere in the house.  Claire will be graduating from Reagan HS with the aspirations of becoming a nurse in the medical profession.  Claire is strong-willed, loving, quick-witted, loyal, and responsible.  Kinda like me (hehehehe), maybe that's why we get along so well, even though she doesn't gravitate to my sense of humor (I thought my jokes were funny).  When it comes to making confetti fly from your hands and smiling at the same time, she needs a little more practice (but we got the shot).  The thing I like about Claire is her honesty.  What she thinks is a fault, just might be her greatest blessing in life.  She's not afraid to be herself, yet has respect enough to know her place, a rare quality in the younger generation these days.  I think Claire has a bright future, and will do great things.  Claire, you are a beautiful young lady, that has been blessed more over that you can imagine.  May you pursue your dreams and enjoy the journey....and may you never forget True Beauty comes from within.  Here's a video from the session.