Future Military JAG - San Antonio HS Senior Photographer

Miss Emma comes to us from Randolph High School.  She's a beauty for sure.  She's got her act together.  She's driven, knows exactly what she wants, and has a plan to achieve her goals.  Her plans are to attend the University of Alabama this Fall, where she will study to become a lawyer in the US Air Force.  She plans of making the military her career.  Then on to politics. Emma is involved in just about everything offered at her school; ROTC, on the tennis team, track and field team, powerlifting team (yes, I’m not exaggerating), and various other groups.  When she does find free time, she loves to watch her favorite TV show, Friends.  She told me she just about has every episode memorized. 

Her favorites:

Quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Song: “Africa” by Toto

Plans for next year: Attend the University of Alabama

What people will remember her most for: Her ability to connect with people

If she could do one thing to impact the world: Help close the huge division between everyone in America

Emma, you are a very special young lady. Your uncanny ability to connect with people is a gift. Your abilities are limitless, and your future is bright. You can’t fault anyone that loves the movie “Forrest Gump”. I hope your future is filled will meaningful relationships, and you make your mark on the world. And for any reason, you don’t achieve all of your goals, you will still be a success. Watch a short video from the session here.

An authentic beauty…..

An authentic beauty…..