Future Engineer - San Antonio HS Senior Photographer

Josh comes to us from John Paul ll High School. He’s planning of attending college after graduation and pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His love of Space attracted him to this field. He actually would love to major in Space Engineering, but that’s a very specific and limited field. I’ve known Josh’s mom since before he was born, literally. I used to walk by her office and see her bump (him) growing every day. I also had the privilege of knowing two of his sisters. Josh is a very down-to-earth young man. He’s been raised to believe and pursue truth. I have no worries that he will succeed in what he sets his heart and mind on. He’s strong-willed, independent, quick-witted, and intelligent. He’s says he’s ready to attend University in the Fall, probably choosing Texas A&M Corpus Christi or UTSA. Either way, he’ll eventually make it to Texas A&M University in College Station.

His favorites:

Quote: “Even in the darkest of nights, I still see the moonlight”

Plans for next year: Study Engineering in College

If he could do one thing to impact the world: Help put a man on Mars

You can see more of Josh in this short video.