Kaptain Kyle - San Antonio HS Senior Photographer

We’ve known Kyle for about 4 years, he lives down the street from us. Kyle will graduate from Clemens HS this Spring. He plans on joining the military to become a pilot/chaplain. I know it’s seems like a strange combination, but think about it: he will be closer to the Heavens while flying, so his prayers won’t have to travel as far. Kyle was the recipient of a scholarship that starts him in pilot training this Summer. He plans on joining the Air Force Reserves afterwards, and eventually becoming an officer, when he finishes up his schooling. Since Kyle likes to dress up, I thought, “why not capture him ‘Vanity Fair Style’?” The image turned out exactly as I thought it would. I think he could actually be on the cover of a major styling magazine. “Lookin’ mighty dapper”.

His favorites:

Quote: “When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then give up. There’s no need to make a fool of yourself”

Song: “Control” by For King and Country

Plans for next year: Air Force Reserves and College

What people will remember him most for: His positivity

If he could do one thing to impact the world: Tell everyone about a man named Jesus

When we discussed what he wanted for his portrait session, he wanted something with airplanes and a runway. I called a friend of mine, Jeff W, and he helped set it up. On the day of the session, we met Brad, call sign “Hoss”, at the flight line, and he escorted us to where the planes were. Every thing worked out perfectly. There were A-10s on the runway, T-38s everywhere, and a couple of F-16s at the end of the tarmac. I could’ve stayed there all day and shot, but we had to get back to the studio to finish up his session. I must say, “Jeff, you are the man”. Thanks for helping set this session up. And Brad, your hospitality and genuine concern for us to get the best images, really stood out. I can’t say enough about the entire experience. Kyle, I hope all of your dreams become a reality. We need more pilots in this country, but more importantly, we need more men of integrity. You are definitely on the right path. We hope your career leads many, many more people to the Truth. View more images from the session in a short video here.

GQ Kyle….

GQ Kyle….

Kaptain Kyle "‘Top Gun” Style…

Kaptain Kyle "‘Top Gun” Style…

The Future of Acting - Mr. Nathan - San Antonio High School Senior Photographer

We had the fortune of capturing Nathan, a senior at Steele HS the other day.  We photographed his sister a few years back, so now it was lil' bro's turn.  Nathan is a witty, reserved, and discerning young man.  He wants to study theater next Fall at TLU.  When he's done with his formal eduation, he plans on becoming an actor.  Either in theater or film, his plan is to stay local, then move on if it's in his stars.  Nathan brought his dog, Gwen.  She was one of the best behaved dogs we've had out to the studio.  Even though she seemed out of breath having to walk with Nathan for a couple of images, she was a trooper.  The highlight of the session was getting a glimpse into Nathan's favorite game, Dungeons and Dragons.  I didn't know it was that complex.  We staged a portrait of him playing "himselves".  Kinda turned out pretty cool.  Anyway, Nathan is one that I won't have any reservations when it comes to being a responsible citizen, his maturity stands out even if some say he can be a little nerdy (those are his words, not mine).  Nathan, may your dreams become real as you entertain, as well as impact the world with your talents.  Here's a short video from his session.

CapturedKeepsakes High School Senior Portraits San Antonio NathanE web1.jpg